All customization services are GOTS certified at all stages of productions.

Please take not that for production necessity quantity can vary between 5 and 20% more or less.

The total lenght of fabric produced will be billed and deliver in the limit stated previously.

We oofer you to customize our jacquard and woven-colors references by changing the colors of the weft threads according to our color threads chart.

You have the possibility to ask us by email for a woven test (a small piece about 25*25cm) at a price of 50€ per color variant and /or a weaving test of about 10 meters on request.

To start production in accordance with your wishes, all you have to do is go to the product page of the concerned quality in the category and indicate the desired length from 50m (or 150m for references 45708-45709-05022 et 45986), select the chosen weft colors and add it to the basket.

+ On request, we can send you by email the color charts for the personalized jacquard.