All customization services are GOTS certified at all stages of productions.

Please take not that for production necessity quantity can vary between 5 and 20% more or less. 

The total lenght of fabric produced will be billed and deliver in the limit stated previously.

We offer you to realize the GOTS color of you choice on our permanent collection qualities. We can make the color of your choice from a dyed fabric sample or from a Pantone TPX or TCX reference.
price per meter (bespoke dyeing production) = price of fabric + bleaching + GOTS dyeing + finishing

You must first ask us to carry out a BIB labo (color test before production) on the quality of your choice by selecting the corresponding product in the category.

Once your BIB Labo has been completed, it will be sent to you for validation.

To start production in accordance with the BIB labo produced (same quality & same color), all you have to do is go to the product page for the quality concerned in the category and indicate the desired lenght from 150m, and the reference of your BIB labo in comments.

A 50m package is available excluding heavy qualities (> 200g/m²). Find it on the product pages.