All bespoke services are GOTS certified at all stages of production.

Please note that production requirements can vary from 5 to 20% more or less.

You will be invoiced for the full quantity produced and delivered within the limits stated above.


We offer a variety of services for you professionals:

- You can't find the colour of your dreams in our catalogue, you need a particular shade?

- A design you want to print on one of our organic fabric bases, need help to develop the new design for your collection 

- Can't find the right fabric for you? We can create it for you!

- A special finishing ? 

- Vous Do you want one of our fabrics in ecru or white?

- Would you like to change the colour of one of our jacquards? Discover the available colours.

We offer to produce the GOTS dyed colour of your choice on our qualities. We can produce the colour of your choice from a dyed fabric sample or a Pantone TPX or TCX reference.
price per metre excl. VAT (production custom dyeing) = price of fabric + bleaching + GOTS dyeing + finishing

To do this, you must first ask us to produce a lab print in the quality of your choice (colour test before production), indicating the quality chosen and the Pantone reference required. Once your lab print has been produced, it will be sent to you for validation. Its cost is 35 € HT.

To start production in accordance with the bib labo produced (same quality & same colour), all you have to do is tell us the desired length from 150m, and the reference of your bib labo.

A 50m package is available in non-heavyweight fabrics (> 200g/m²)

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We offer you to print your own designs with our GOTS digital printing service on 8 of our qualities. We use the fixing-washing process.

price per metre excl. VAT (customised print production) = price of fabric + printing + fixing + washing + finishing

The minimum order is 1m, with a degressive rate from 10m

  • The file to be provided must correspond to the following characteristics:
  • •to the fittings
  • •scale 1
  • •max size 150*250cm / 150Mb
  • •.pdf or TIFF format (uncompressed)
  • •resolution 150 to 300dpi

We invite you to consult the latest version of the Digital Printing Guide for file preparation, explanation of our production & ordering processes and answers to frequently asked questions. Your print request must be sent to us between the 1st and the 7th of each month


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It is possible for us to make your GOTS certified organic fabric to your specifications.

Tell us your wishes by clicking on the button below, we will study your specifications and advise you from the textile design to the production of your custom-made fabric.

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We offer you the possibility to add an extra finish to our permanent collection and to your custom-made fabrics: 
    • •BIANCA softening: gives your fabric more softness, swelling and flexibility - Minimum order : 20m
    • •1 side sanding: allows you to have a soft flannel look on one side of your fabric (recommended fabrics: 05057, 45986, 05022, 90943) - Minimum order : 80m
    • •2-sided sanding: gives a soft flannel look on both sides of your fabric (recommended fabrics: 05057, 45986, 05022, 90943) - Minimum order : 80m

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We offer you to wash our permanent collection qualities in ecru or GOTS bleach, as these two shades do not exist.

production price ecru wash or GOTS bleach = fabric price + GOTS wash or bleach & finishing

The minimum order is 50m.

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We offer you to personalise our jacquards references by changing the colour of the weft threads according to our thread charts.

You have the possibility to ask us by email for a woven test (coupon of about 25*25cm) at the price of 50€ HT per colour variant and/or a weaving test of about 10 meters.

The minimum order is 50m (or 150m for qualities 45708-45709-05022 and 45986)

+ On request, we can send you by email the thread charts for the personalised jacquard.

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